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Real Estate

BI group's real estate division operates in the commercial, retail and residential segments.

The division owns over 300,000 sqft of commercial space in the heart of New Delhi, India and is leased out to renowned Indian organasations such as JK Group, Religare, Oriflame and Central Bank of India.

The Group has acquired prime and well-located land in Goa, Delhi, and Gurugram (off Delhi) to build luxury residences with high-end amenities to ensure a grand living for the residents. When completed, it will cover a sizeable 1.2 million sqft of built-up area.

The Group built Marina Heights, a housing complex in Mohali (off Chandigarh) in a Joint Venture, which was sold in 2010.

In 2006, it developed a shopping mall in Ludhiana, Punjab, in partnership with the Ansal Group. The mall became the first one in the state to tie-up with International and Indian brands.

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